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DYN Diagnostics Ltd. was founded in 1990, guided by the vision of improving the healthcare system and quality of life in Israel by promoting advanced technologies, a wide range of products, systems, processes and tests. Backed by a highly professional team, DYN has always made sure to stay attuned to the needs of the customers and the dynamic market.

The Israeli healthcare market is an advanced one, characterized by customers seeking comprehensive solutions addressing multiple aspects such as: equipment, engineering, design, computerization, logistics and quality. As one of Israel's veteran medical equipment distributors, we make every effort to provide optimal support for our customers and strive to keep up with the changing market requirements.

The company's organizational structure comprises various operating units: a customer call center for private consumers, customer service for institutional customers, an advanced logistics and distribution department, a quality and regulation department and an advanced IT department.

The company's operations span several fields, in which DYN Diagnostics provides professional service to its wide and diverse clientele, which ranges from hospitals and clinics to private end-customers.

Medical Devices and Consumables Division
Specializes in the import and distribution of advanced medical instruments and consumable medical products to hospitals, clinics, Israeli Sick Funds and private customers. We offer a wide range of quality products at attractive prices, an advanced logistics and distribution system, as well as close support for our customers provided by our skilled professional team. Our products include monitoring systems, advanced technological systems in the field of skin cancer, consumable products in the field of women's healthcare, gloves, products for operating rooms, intensive care units, etc.

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Diagnostics Division
With over 25 years' experience in the field of lab systems, DYN is at the technological forefront of this sector in the Israeli healthcare market. We specialize in the marketing and sale of equipment for IVD and Applied Science labs, and provide full engineering/scientific support as well. We offer labs a range of analytical and pre-analytical solutions tailored to the unique processes of each lab and enable ongoing professional support of an experienced team of service engineers and applications experts from the life sciences field of expertise.

We offer our customers a range of advanced solutions and products, a complete service network including applications support, advanced logistics services including a temperature-controlled distribution system, technical service, operations and customized solutions. Among our customers are leading hospitals, sick funds and service providers in the Israeli market.

We also run DYN Labs, an advanced genomics center at the Assaf Harofeh Medical Center, which engages in two major fields – personalized medicine and R&D services.


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Home Care Division
As representatives of the companies Roche Diabetes and iline Microsystems in Israel, we offer our customers a broad line of products, including advanced technologies, diabetes balancing solutions, blood coagulation monitoring devices and also supporting and complementary products. As part of the division's activity, we operate a call center service, close professional guidance and nationwide support through our highly trained sales team, and we run DYN Store, an online store for quick purchase of a variety of homecare products.

OTC Division
Specializes in the import, marketing, distribution and sale of consumer products to pharmacies, orthopedic institutes, community pharmacies, drugstores, food chains and private customers. A highly trained sales team and medical sales representatives promote the various lines of products to the professional and private sectors nationwide and provide close support for all customers. Services include accessible and professional customer service, user guidance, and an advanced logistics center, which handles the receipt of orders, order picking, packaging and forwarding to the various points of sale throughout the country. Also, a wide selection of our products can be found on the online store DYN Store, which offers a quick, simple and attractive buying experience for our customers.


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DYN's knowhow and experience formed the basis for the establishment of the R&D division in 2002. Today, DYN R&D specializes in the creation of customized, advanced solutions in the fields of medical instrumentation and molecular diagnostics. The division also specializes in molecular biology and the development of markers in agriculture. In 2008, DYN launched the Genotype brand, designed to provide smart solutions and quality markers for breeders and agriculturists. DYN R&D operates a quality assurance system compliant with the requirements of  ISO 13485 for the development and manufacture of medical instrumentation.


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We, at DYN, view quality, safety and customer service as a way of life, which is why we are committed to the import, marketing and distribution of a wide range of high-quality products, in compliance with stringent domestic and international regulations, thus positioning the company and its products at the forefront of service providers in Israel's healthcare market.