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DYN Laboratories

DYN Laboratories

Pharmacogenetics laboratory, services for research & development.
  • Our areas of expertise

    DYN Labs Ltd. was established on 2006 as a subsidiary of DYN Diagnostics Ltd.


    DYN Labs has two main fields of expertise - the Pharmacogenetics laboratory and Research & Development.


    The Pharmacogenetics lab is authorized by the Israeli Ministry of Health and ISO15189:2012 certified as an international clinical laboratory. The lab deals with clinical testing of genetic variation in order to adjust treatment for patients according their genetic background and its part of the ""personalized healthcare"" growing trend.


    As part of our activity in the research field, we focus on assessing emerging technologies and quick to adopt the ones meeting the up-to-date and future research practical needs.
    As part of our routine activity, we perform various types of tests:


    Pathology panel of 11 genes including: NRAS, KRAS, BRAF, EGFR, PI3K genes for personalized treatment of colon and lung cancer patients; BRCA 1+2 genes mutation detections from biopsies; Circulating free DNA test for mutation detection in lung tumors; Pharmacogenetic test for women treated with Tamoxifen for breast cancer; A Pharmacogenetic test for patients treated with Plavix; Pharmacogenetic test for patients treated with Warfarin (Coumadin) for anticoagulation; Pharmacogenetic test for patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD); Genetic test for celiac susceptibility


    In the field of research and development, DYN Labs is a genomic center that offers tailor-made services according to customers’ special requirements. We offer a one-stop shop for all services, from the isolation of the DNA to the bioinformatics analysis. Our trained professional team plans the project together with the researcher and provides the best solution according to the study goals.


    The technologies in the lab provides us the tools to conduct research in various fields of life sciences: Microbiology, virology, agriculture, the human genome and more.
    We offer our services using different advanced technologies: Deep sequencing - VELA CE-IVD NGS platform; Affymertrix microarray technology; Raindance Droplet Digital PCR; Genotyping Agena massarray; qPCR; Automatic system for nucleic acids purification; Agilent bio-analyzer 2100; Hardware and software solutions for NGS data management and analysis.


    DYN Labs invests efforts in acquiring new methods and technologies, and assigning them in our routine practice. As part of our professional approach, we are open to co-operations and collaborations regarding new application innovations.

  • Who are our customers?

    Private customers, leading laboratories, medical institutes, health care funds, research facilities, universities.