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DYN Store

DYN Store

Saving on time, money and fuel - at DYN's Online Store you will find health, sports and pharma products from the world’s leading manufacturers. So go on a shopping spree filled with sales and discounts
  • Our areas of expertise

    In light of the development of the Internet sales platform and DYN’s growing specialization in the home consumer market, in 2015 we decided to open an online interface aiming to deliver a different shopping experience.


    At DYN Store you can find the products that DYN Diagnostics imports and distributes: from Ameda breast pumps, advanced training devices including the COMPEX series, diabetic products, home coagulation meters, blood pressure monitors from the world-leading brands - through to personal care and hygiene products. For every product sold on DYN Store, there are complementary products from the best manufacturers - whether these be diapers and nursing products, natural beauty products, food additives and vitamins - or shaving products and home cleaning agents - all at extremely affordable prices.


    As part of our service concept, we at DYN have set up a support circle to assist customers in making their purchases quickly and simply. We have implemented an advanced logistical interface supporting the DYN Store business and enabling provision of real-time information on inventories and expected arrival dates of parcels. We use updates, which get sent via various channels to customers in every step along the way from purchase completion through to package arrival. DYN Diagnostic’s customer service is available to provide answers to any question, to locate a package, or assist in selecting the most suitable product through all of the following channels - by phone, WhatsApp, email and social networks.

  • Who are our customers?

    Private customers.