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Over The Counter (OTC)

Over The Counter (OTC)

Over The Counter (OTC)

Over The Counter (OTC)

Import marketing, distribution and sale of consumer goods to pharmacies, home medical equipment and products for mother and baby
  • Our areas of expertise

    DYN's OTC department was founded in 2011.


    The department specializes in the import, marketing, distribution and sale of home medical instrumentation, dressing products, dental products, home testing kits and complementary products intended for the various types of pharmacies.

    As part of our activity in the pharmacies business, we represent international manufacturers of medical instrumentation, specialty cosmetics and consumer goods.

    We market the products we represent through product managers who have specialized on those products specifically, and who work within the medical teams, as well as through a knowledgeable, skilled and attentive team of field agents and medical sales representatives with a nationwide reach, operating on the sales floors.


    Over the years DYN has been working with the healthcare funds, the pharma chains and the private pharmacies, we have succeeded in carving out a market share for new products and in creating demand on the ground for specific products and brands thanks to a combination of marketing, highly skilled promotion abilities, quality service and quick delivery.

    Thanks to the advanced distribution capabilities and the DYN operational units, we deliver orders to all our customers within 24 hours nationwide. In addition, in 2018 we extended our activity and we now support local importers through the provision of distribution services for leading brands in the paramedical consumer products, which are also being added to the range we offer to pharmacies.


    The OTC department is linked to additional specialization verticals at DYN. We operate a sales and marketing network at orthopedics clinics, baby product retailers, lactation consultants, maternity wards in medical institutions, physiotherapy clinics and many more. As part of our overall activity, we support over 2000 active customers in all fields.


    As part of the ongoing support of all these activities, we offer targeted support for all customer types purchasing the products through an advanced distribution network to the entire country, through dedicated agents that support various customer types, through training and support for the professional teams, through phone customer service for end customers, support via social networks, training videos, online orders from private customers etc.

  • Who are our customers?

    All of the Israeli healthcare funds, pharma retail chains, orthopedic clinics, lactation consultants, leading medical institutions specializing in rehabilitation, and private pharmacies. We also support thousands of private customers who purchase our products through the pharmacies or through the DYN Store, DYN's Online Store.