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Physiotherapy and sport

Physiotherapy and sport

Physiotherapy, rehabilitation and sport

Physiotherapy, rehabilitation and sport

Physiotherapy, exercise devices, and rehabilitation technologies for professionals and sport products for the end customers
  • Our areas of expertise

    The field of physiotherapy, rehabilitation and sports was set up in DYN in 2015. The team consists of professional physiotherapists and skilled sales personnel knowledgeable in all of the specializations and in the domestic market.

    DYN represents and distributes DJO Global in Israel - one of the world-leading brands of physiotherapy instrumentation and systems, which offers systems that provides comprehensive approach for therapists and for institutions dealing in the various stages of therapy and rehabilitation. In addition, we represent other leading manufacturers whose products complement other aspects an specializations in the physiotherapy discipline. DYN successfully markets instrumentation and systems for electrotherapy, treatment tables, pelvic floor rehabilitation, active exercise systems, suspension systems, advanced rehabilitation technologies and more.


    DYN also exclusively markets in Israel the compression product lines of the German company medi, which offers solutions for lymphatic treatments and phlebology, manufactured using a special weaving process suited specifically to the therapeutic indications for patients suffering from circulatory deficiencies, damage to the lymphatic systems and mobility problems.


    Apart physiotherapy, since 2017 the sports business has been growing, offering a line of complementary products for sports physiotherapy, trainers and trainees, which includes neurostimulation devices, training and practice devices, kinesiology tapes, vibrating devices for muscle relaxation and more. As part of the creation of awareness to products in the domestic market, we place emphasis on marketing of the sport products through conferences and sporting events, the social networks, DYN's online store and more. In addition we offer professional courses throughout the year in which trainers and trainees gain exposure to new products and training methods.


    The overall physiotherapy, rehabilitation and sports business at DYN is supported by an operational and logistical supporting package, technical support and periodic maintenance of devices by specialist service engineers, high-quality customer service, speedy delivery of orders, training, support, marketing and advertising material, and more. Our private customers for sports and pelvic floor issues enjoy support from a phone customer service center for end-customers, an online store for quick purchasing of the products, support through the social networks, training videos, online orders and more.

  • Who are our customers?

    Our product line is successfully sold to hundreds of customers, including healthcare funds, private clinics, physiotherapists, hospitals, rehabilitative hospitals, rehabilitation therapists, sports medicine therapists, athletes, local sports teams and many more.